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Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada Jointly Attend and Address 6th China- Canada Business Forum
2016-09-28 00:02

At the noon of September 23, 2016 local time, Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada jointly attended and addressed the 6th China-Canada Business Forum at Montreal Convention Centre. Over 700 people from the industrial and business communities of China and Canada attended the event.

Li Keqiang said that the exchange of visits by me and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau within one month, which has achieved fruitful results on cooperation, fully reflects the closeness of China-Canada strategic partnership and indicates the bright prospect of the all-round and friendly cooperation between the two countries. Both sides decided to enhance political mutual trust, uphold the spirit of mutual respect, equal treatment and win-win cooperation, build up a long-term, sound and stable strategic partnership, expand exchanges and dialogues in various fields, and properly handle differences and sensitive issues, so as to provide political support for practical cooperation between the two countries.

Li Keqiang noted that the Chinese and Canadian economies are highly complementary to each other. Current bilateral trade volume does not match the status of the two countries in the global economic and trade landscape. During the visit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and I have reached consensus on further elevating the scale of bilateral trade, and agreed to launch as early as possible the feasibility study on a China-Canada free trade zone, which not only facilitates the expansion of China-Canada economic and trade cooperation but also sends a clear signal of promoting trade liberalization and investment facilitation to the international community so as to boost the confidence in global economic and trade development. The two countries have signed wide-ranging bilateral investment agreements. China welcomes Canadian enterprises to invest in China and enlarge cooperation in areas including finance, energy, civil aviation, telecommunication, environmental protection and winter sports. At the same time, China encourages Chinese enterprises to invest in Canada and participate in cooperation in infrastructure, energy and minerals, agriculture, service industry and other fields. Both sides can give play to their complementary advantages, carry out production capacity cooperation in such areas as aviation, railway and nuclear power, combine China's highly cost-effective production capacity with Canada's advanced technologies, strengthen international competitiveness, explore third-party cooperation and achieve multi-win results. It is hoped that Canada can ease its restrictions on exporting high technologies to China, and support enterprises of both sides to establish international cooperation in accordance with marketization principles and business practices.

Li Keqiang emphasized that the recovery of current global economy lacks impetus and uncertain factors are increasing. In light of mounting downward economic pressure, China blazes a new trail of macro-regulation, strives to promote structural reform, especially supply-side structural reform, implements the strategy of innovation-driven development, advocates mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and actively cultivates new economic drivers while transforming and upgrading traditional ones, maintaining the steady growth of the Chinese economy in accelerated transformation and upgrade with a growth rate topping major economies in the world. We are able to fulfill the main tasks of yearly economic and social development, and make the economy grow at a medium-to-high rate and step towards a medium-to-high level.

Li Keqiang said that China is comprehensively advancing the rule of law, including learning from common international practices and establishing and perfecting laws and rules in all areas. In the meantime, China is also continuously pushing forward reforms such as streamlining administration and delegating power to lower levels, combination of delegating power and strengthening regulation and optimizing service, strengthening intellectual property right protection, creating a fairer market environment and unceasingly improving legal environment. No matter at what development stage, China will firmly commit to expanding the level of opening-up with a more-widely opened door and better regulated, friendly and transparent policies for foreign investment. We welcome industrial and business communities from all countries, including Canada, to seize the opportunity and deepen cooperation with China so as to achieve more extensive mutual benefit and win-win results.

Justin Trudeau said that frequent exchanges and candid dialogues between Chinese Premier and Canadian Prime Minister have reached many practical results, proving that both sides are fully capable of boosting cooperation through dialogues. Both sides will continue to keep close contacts and make joint efforts to bring Canada-China relations back to the track of stable and healthy development. Canada looks forward to, together with China, continuously developing and deepening sincere partnership and jointly promoting Canada-China cooperation, so that bilateral relations can achieve more mutually beneficial and win-win outcomes and bring more benefits to the two peoples in the new era.

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